Stand Drawings Approval Request

Deadline: 30 March 2018

Exhibitors occupying the following types of stands must submit detailed stand drawings to EBACE management for approval via the form below.

Refer to: Stand Configuration Visuals

Stand Drawings needed for:

  • Multilevel
  • Covered
  • Non-Perimeter Island Stands
  • Perimeter Island Stands
  • Peninsula Stands
  • Inline Raw
  • Mini Island

Multilevel and covered stand exhibits must receive approval from both:

Must include:

  • Exhibitor name and stand number
  • Maximum number of occupants allowed
  • Structural engineer's stamp certifying that platforms can bear the maximum occupant load
  • Stand dimensions (heights, widths, and lengths of hard walls)
  • Label surrounding stands
  • Label direction your stand will face
  • Back of your stand
  • Hanging sign (if applicable)

Hanging Signs

Only allowed in perimeter island stands.

Palexpo will not be able to accept rigging orders until EBACE management has given approval.

Safety Cables

Exhibitors with non-perimeter and main aisle stands are permitted a maximum of 4 safety cables, provided advance approval.

Spotlight Rigging

  • Allowed above any island stand, regardless of location, provided approval is received in advance.
  • Spotlight rigging above stands must remain focused on the display and cannot interfere with other exhibits.


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