Flooring Requirement Request

EBACE management carpets aisles only. All indoor exhibitors are responsible for providing floor covering for their entire purchased exhibit space.

Please complete the following form to notify EBACE management whether you will be supplying your own flooring or purchasing it through our official service provider, Freeman.

Note: Any exhibit space that does not have flooring installed by 15:00 on Monday, 28 May will be carpeted by show management at the exhibitor’s expense.

* indicates a required field

Please let us know about your flooring for your exhibit space by checking the appropriate boxes below:

We will provide our own flooring.
We will purchase flooring through Freeman.

If you are providing your own flooring, please indicate the type of flooring that will be provided:

Hardwood (no adhesive is permitted)
Tile (no adhesive is permitted)

Who will install the flooring in your exhibit space:

Exhibit staff
EAC/stand builder