ABACE2018 Exhibit Space Placement Proxy Request Form

Due to the delay in exhibit space placements that has resulted from the construction of the second hangar at the Shanghai Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Service Centre and the need to get all qualifying exhibitors placed prior to the upcoming Spring Holiday, ABACE2018 exhibit placements will be made through an exhibit space selection proxy process, which is outlined below. As the floor plan has been developed to meet the inventory of booth sizes based on the exhibit applications that have been submitted, exhibitors are reminded to only select stands that match the size of the space that they reserved on their exhibit application. Should an exhibitor wish to increase the size of their exhibit space, they should contact the ABACE exhibits team by email (exhibits@abace.org) or telephone prior to submitting the proxy.


  • After reviewing the ABACE2018 floor plan online, exhibitors will submit a minimum of four preferred exhibit space preferences via the online Exhibitor Proxy Form.
  • Based on the results of the priority draw, exhibitors have been assigned a date and time to submit their online exhibit space proxy, which will be available via the link below and in the Exhibitor Dashboard.
  • The ABACE exhibits team will use the Exhibitor Proxy with the exhibitors’ preferences to assign their exhibit space.
  • Exhibitors will be assigned their exhibit space in the order of the priority draw results.
  • NOTE: Exhibitor proxies will be accepted no more than 12 hours prior to the exhibitor’s proxy deadline – to ensure that exhibitors are relying on the most current floor plan.
  • If an exhibitor does not submit their proxy by their proxy deadline, the ABACE exhibits team will use their best judgement to assign the exhibitor the best possible available exhibit space.
  • As exhibit space selections are made, the ABACE2018 floor plan will be updated online, in real time, and will be available for review 24 hours a day.
  • Exhibitors will receive official confirmation of their stand numbers via email within one week of placement.
  • The ABACE2018 floor plan will be available online on Friday, 9 February.

You may view the ABACE2018 Floor Plan here.

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  • We agree to the terms and conditions outlined above in the ABACE2018 proxy form and ABACE2018 rules, and hereby submit our ABACE2018 exhibit space choices via proxy with the understanding that ABACE management will do its best to assign exhibit space as requested above based on availability. If the exhibit space preferences submitted above are not available, ABACE management will use its discretion to assign the next best available exhibit space.

    Please submit this form no earlier than 12 hours in advance of your assigned exhibit space proxy deadline.

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Thank you for your ABACE2018 stand placement proxy request.

ABACE exhibits staff will do its best to assign you one of your preferred exhibit space choices. If all your choices are unavailable, ABACE exhibits staff will use its discretion to assign the next best available exhibit space.

If you have any questions about the ABACE exhibit space placement process, please contact the ABACE Exhibits team at exhibits@nbaa.org.