Exhibitor Appointed Contractor


  • Exhibitors with “raw” space may use either the official show contractor (Freeman) or an exhibitor-appointed contractor of their choice.
  • Technical drawings of stand design must be submitted to NBAA for approval before the deadline. Stand designs without approval will not be permitted to proceed with stand construction.
  • A backwall or partition must be installed for each raw space stand structure, except island stands. All back and side walls facing neighboring booths must be kept clean. Exhibitors are not allowed to use the reserve of backwall or partition of neighboring booths to display their own exhibiting company name, logo, graphics, etc. Backwalls visable to attendees are required to be finished.
  • Exhibitors with shell-scheme booths must order their electrical fitting, furniture, main connection, etc., from Freeman.
  • Custom stand designs consisting of a double deck or containing an element greater than 3.7 meters (12 feet) are subject to approval by the local Shanghai Fire Safety Authority. Exhibitor and/or the EAC is responsible for any additional fees associated with the stand design approval.

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Important Notes:

  • EACs are not permitted to solicit business on the show floor.
  • EAC’s that subcontract are required to notify their exhibitor so appropriate paperwork is submitted for all sub-contractors.
  • All exhibitor-appointed contractors (EACs)/stand builders must provide insurance for their employees working on show premises.
  • For security purposes, exhibitors and their contractors must wear exhibitor/contractor badges at all times while on show premises during set-up and tear-down. Construction workers without badges/wristband will not be permitted to enter.
  • It is the Exhibitor's responsibility to ensure that all representatives of the Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor abide by ABACE2017 Rules & Regulations and to provide badges for those staff working on show days.
  • All EAC's must comply with performance bond requirements.

DEADLINE DATE: 13 February 2017

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