Stand Drawing Approval Request

For all raw space booked, including inline raw exhibit space, exhibitors must submit scaled stand drawings for approval to ABACE management via the online form below no later than 13 February 2017, with copies forwarded to:

Mega Expo Shanghai
Attn: Cathy Wang

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Stand drawings must include:

  • Event name and stand number
  • Maximum number of occupants allowed
  • Drawings with front and side elevations, with dimensions
  • Structural engineer's stamp certifying that the platform can bear the maximum occupant load
  • Copy of the fireproof materials license indicating the building materials used (carpet, wood and paint) are fire retardant. A copy of this license must also be available on site during move-in.
  • Electrician valid work certificate (if applicable)

Exhibitor stand designs consisting of a double deck or containing an element greater than 3.7 meters (12 feet) are subject to approval by the local Shanghai Fire Safety Authority. Exhibitor and/or the EAC is responsible for any additional fees associated with the stand design approval.

For further questions regarding stand drawings for ABACE2017, please contact us at